Koordinierungs- und Interventionsstelle gegen häusliche Gewalt und Stalking (Koins)   im Landkreis Mittelsachsen

KOINS Counselling Centre - Our Activities

As professionals in domestic violence and stalking, we have been supporting women and men as well as children and young people since 2022. Our team supports victims against further assaults and protects against acts of violence and stalking. This is independent of whether a report has been filed or not. Our counselling is strictly confidential, free of charge, and anonymous upon request.

Women and men, as well as children and young people from Central Saxony, can turn to us. It is also possible for relatives, friends, or professionals to contact our team.

In addition to the individual or group counselling we offer, we work with facilities and institutions dealing with domestic violence and stalking. We also participate in municipal and national interdisciplinary working groups. If you are interested in working with us, please feel free to contact us.