Koordinierungs- und Interventionsstelle gegen häusliche Gewalt und Stalking (Koins)   im Landkreis Mittelsachsen

(Co-)Affectedness of Children

 The (co-) affectedness of children and adolescents must not be underestimated. That is why we offer counselling for children and adolescents in addition to counselling for adults. Since the experience of violence harms the development of children and adolescents, the experience of violence is often a critical experience that affected children and adolescents find challenging to come to terms with alone. Here we offer professional help and the first point of contact who advises and supports them in a child- and age-appropriate way.

Regarding child and youth counselling, however, we must differentiate between children and adolescents who (co-)experience domestic violence among adults and children and adolescents who experience violence directly at the hands of their legal guardians. In the latter case, KOINS Mittelsachsen is not responsible but the General Social Service of the Youth Welfare Office. If an overlap of areas of responsibility becomes known during counselling, the close cooperation between KOINS Central Saxony and the Youth Welfare Office ensures that those affected can be competently mediated.