Koordinierungs- und Interventionsstelle gegen häusliche Gewalt und Stalking (Koins)   im Landkreis Mittelsachsen

Coordination and Intervention Centre against Domestic Violence and Stalking (Koins) in the District of Central Saxony

KOINS Mittelsachen is a coordination and intervention centre for counselling and help in cases of domestic violence and stalking in the district of Mittelsachsen. Since 01.07.22, we have been offering counselling, accompaniment, and support for people who have experienced violence in the past or are currently experiencing violence either in their existing or terminated partnership or in their domestic environment, have been threatened with violence, or are experiencing stalking regardless of gender, age, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, level of education, and cultural or social circumstances.

In addition, KOINS has a counselling bus, which allows us to provide counselling anonymously and from any location in the entire district of Central Saxony.

KOINS Central Saxony
Intervention and coordination centre for counselling and assistance for people affected by domestic violence in the district of Central Saxony

Tel.: 03731 / 77 44 350

E-Mail:  koins@kv-toleranz.de
Web:     www.koins-mittelsachsen.de